Ukulele Lessons

  • Ukulele Lessons
  • Rockschool Grades
  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Very accessible
  • All styles covered
  • All abilities welcome

Ukulele lessons are a great way to get started on your musical journey.

Ukuleles are affordable and portable, they’re also that bit easier to play than other stringed instruments. Which is why they are more popular today than ever!

Here at The JTSCM we teach people to play taking queues from their preferred music style and their abilities. Ukuleles are hugely influential in contemporary music and we take great pride in helping people achieve their personal goals.

Also, if you’ve seen the christmas special film “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”, based on the book by Michael Rosen, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard our Ukulele Teacher, as he is credited on the film as Lead Ukulele Player.

If you’d like to book in for a FREE TRIAL lesson or find out more, you can fill out the form below to get in touch.

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