Lock Down II – Back Online

Online lessons at The JTSCM

Due to the rise in cases since coming out of lockdown, it is necessary for us and many other businesses to close for a four week period from Thursday the 5th of November until Wednesday the 2nd of December.

During this period, we will be transitioning all in-person lessons to Skype or Zoom.

If you have any concerns, difficulties or questions regarding online lessons, please get in touch.

We gave online lessons throughout the first lockdown with great success, so much so that many of our students have stayed online since. So for those students it’s business as usual!

We understand this is a difficult time for everyone and we’ll do our absolute best to work with our students and be as helpful and supportive as we can. We also really appreciate the wonderful help, support and kindness we’ve experienced throughout this year.

Good luck everyone and let’s keep looking out for each other and doing what’s best for everyone!

For more information, get in touch at info@jtscm.co.uk

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